Hypnosis Healings Center, L.L.C. - Dolores (Dr. D) SmallProiette


Dr. Dolores Small Proiette is the eldest of six children. She has three daughters and five grandchildren. Dr. D has been in the field of hypnosis since 1993. After living in Phoenix for more than 20 years, she relocated to Flagstaff, with the strength of the majestic San Francisco Peaks and beauty of the pine trees.

Her interest in the field of hypnosis was stimulated by a profound personal experience, which led to seeking more deeply the disturbing events from childhood that had been blocked. Once these issues were uncovered and resolved within the psyche, life began to move in a direction she never expected. With many of the obstacles and blocks removed, her life's work was laid out. She knew without question this was to be in the field of healing through hypnosis.

Dr. D was consumed with a desire to learn, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Professional Counseling, continuing on to obtain her Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and later her Ph.D.

Professional knowledge combined with personal life experiences and intuitive insight gives Dr. D an edge. The wonderful tool of hypnosis assists by helping clients "unlock" events that are buried within the subconscious, allowing them to reframe, resolve and/or remove unnecessary blocks.

Dr. D's integrity, professional manner and comforting demeanor help clients relax and feel at ease.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
American Pacific University

Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH)
American Institute of Hypnotherapy

Master's in Education
Northern Arizona University

Advanced Graduate Studies - Professional Counseling
Ottawa University

Bachelor's Degree - Psychology
Ottawa University

Reiki Master Third Degree Therapist
Usui Shiki Ryoho

Current Affiliations & Memberships

National Guild of Hypnotists

American Board of Hypnotherapy

Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis