Hypnosis Healings Center, L.L.C. - Dolores (Dr. D) SmallProiette


There have been many misconceptions formed about hypnosis
from TV shows, movies and unethical stage show hypnotists.
Some of the fallacies are addressed below.

(fallacy:) When I'm hypnotized, someone else has control over me.

(fact:) Under hypnosis, you are in full control of yourself, aware of your environment. Hypnosis cannot make you say or do anything that goes against you ethically or morally and a hypnotized person will not accept an objectable suggestion.

(fallacy:) When hypnotized, I'm in a trance.

(fact:) A trance is like a stunned condition or a stupor, one in which the person may even be under the control of some external force. Hypnosis is not a trance state as you are aware of your surroundings and in total control of your actions.

(fallacy:) I have a fear of being left in a hypnotized state and not waking up.

(fact:) Hypnosis is not sleep. They are different psychologically and physiologically. A person cannot get stuck in a hypnotic state. If you are hypnotized and the hypnotist leaves, you will come out in a short time on your own or you will fall asleep and wake up naturally.

(fallacy:) Only the weak-minded can be hypnotized.

(fact:) Actually the opposite is true. The best hypnotic subjects are those of above-average intelligence who are capable of concentrating and those who have active, vivid imaginations.

(fallacy:) I have a fear of revealing a deep secret.

(fact:) Under hypnosis you have a greater awareness than when you are fully awake and you completely retain your powers of selectivity, thus your secrets are yours until you wish to divulge them.

(fallacy:) I wasn't hypnotized because I heard every word you said.

(fact:) One of the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis is that you are in a state of unconsciousness or sleep. Hypnosis is such a natural, normal state that you don't realized you're in an altered state. Think about the last time you drove home and wondered how you got there. Your conscious mind was busy thinking about something else. Your subconscious mind took over and got you home. This is a light state of hypnosis. We go into this natural state every day without realizing it. That's why sometimes after the first session a person may say, "I don't think I was hypnotized." This is because he or she was expecting to be unconscious and unaware of their surroundings and thoughts.

(fallacy:) Hypnosis can cure and solve everything.

(fact:) Hypnosis is very safe and natural and can help improve your life and general well being. Although a very powerful tool, it is not a cure-all.