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Do you have an unaccounted block of time?

Are there unexplained, unusual marks suddenly occurring on your body?

Do you have disturbing or upsetting dreams of visits aboard alien space craft?

Have you experienced unusual or profound events with Beings not of this earth?

Have you had unusual, profound encounters or visitations when you were a child?
Are they still occurring?

Are UFOs real or imagined? At least such information is not freely publicized.

An abduction experience can be confusing, traumatic, even fearful and terribly disruptive in a person's life. In some cases, the individual may not have conscious knowledge of the abduction, but subconsciously has been traumatized. Sometimes the individual may not wish to acknowledge the event. If he or she chooses to talk about it, friends and family often chastise them. Like other physical and emotional traumas, the experience for many people must remain secret, and the stress caused by these events and memories can negatively affect a person for years.

Yet in other cases, an encounter with an Extraterrestrial Being may enhance your skills or awaken you to another part of you and your connection to these Beings.

An uncovering and, if the encounter was traumatic, releasing of these events through hypnotherapy can bring balance and harmony into the mind, body and spirit.