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Are traumatic experiences from your past affecting your current life?

Do you have chronic pain, even though there is no medical reason for the pain?

Who were you in the past and where did you live?

Upon meeting someone for the first time, do you feel an immediate attraction
or uncomfortable dislike for that person?

Do you have migraine headaches?

Do you have panic attacks or phobias?

Have panic attacks come upon you in recent years for no apparent reason?

A past-life physical trauma to the body in the form of an illness, accident or traumatic death may reoccur in the current lifetime as a chronic pain. A person mortally wounded in a past life may even have a birthmark at the site of the former wound. Physical tendencies such as obesity may stem from one or more past life experiences. These mental, emotional and physical residues are carried from lifetime to lifetime, distorting current experiences. Our subconscious mind retains memories of every desire, behavior and emotional feeling from every past embodiment.

In Past Life Regression, clients discover their present life conflicts or problems are often caused by traumatic events in prior lifetimes. Memories from past lives may come in many forms, such as recurrent dreams, phobias or unexplained fear and anger.

A fear of public speaking may stem from hanging or burning at the stake before a crowd. A fear of water may stem from a previous drowning. Fear of heights may be caused by a previous death from a fall. Migraine headaches may stem from such a severe blow to the temple that it resulted in death.

Migraine headaches, phobias and chronic pain that stem from a past lifetime will cease to exist once the trauma is identified and resolved or removed. Many physical ailments are considered to be psychosomatic, and these conditions may begin to diminish or cease altogether through past-life regression therapy.

Many emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively resolved through past-life regression therapy, usually in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy and is being used by mental health professionals in many countries.

Whether you believe in past lives or not is unimportant. It can be viewed as the mind creating a story in order to bring up a past trauma or experience. Past Life Regression is a way to obtain messages from your subconscious. You will be guided into one or more past lives to assist you in understanding and releasing old patterns, blocks or beliefs that may have been holding you back in this lifetime. These old beliefs or patterns could be keeping you from attaining your true potential and becoming all that you can become. Once the awareness and removal or reframing of a traumatic event, you can become empowered and improve the quality of your life.

From our spiritual self, we seek to balance all our disharmonies. We strive toward perfection, drawing us closer to the Source which lies at the center of each Being. You can experience the greater reality of spirit past, present, and in some cases future. There is a deeper realization of purpose in life, a clearer sense of the meaning of relationship and the transpersonal aspects of existence. An altered state regression experience is the ineffable feeling of Oneness. It is a feeling of being connected to all and everything in the Universe, being at one with God and all that is.