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A Life Review answers many questions, giving an understanding to many afflictions, chronic pain or challenges you may have had or are currently experiencing. You are taken to the "other side of the veil" (the spirit world), prior to birth.

The awareness of unconditional love is felt immediately. This feeling removes a fear of death among many, now a first-hand knowing that the spirit world is filled with love. This is why those who have had a near-death experience many times come back with a new outlook and zest for life.

You are greeted by your guides. You meet your guides and understand why and how they are here to help you.

You meet with your soul group, many times recognizing members in your life and in what capacity they are to assist you.

From the vantage point of the spirit world, you are able to view all your past lives and how you have progressed.

You understand why you picked your physical body, you parents and your siblings.

Afflictions, abnormalities, chronic pains, sicknesses are now understood within the body. Because of this awareness, many times the afflictions can be diminished or removed.

You have the opportunity to see your immortality firsthand. After the Life Review, there is an new depth of self-understanding, which enables you to feel empowered and lead a more productive and harmoneous life.

We are all here to learn and grow. We have freedom of choice, and what we do with our choices is important to our future spiritual growth.

A Life Review is obtained under hypnosis with the permission of your guides. Generally it may be accomplished after the individual has experienced some of their lessons in life, usually after 35 years old and thereafter.