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When a person suffers from a physical or psychological trauma, parts of the soul or their vital essence can leave the body. This occurs as a protective device helping the person to survive without having to experience the full impact of the trauma.

Many times, soul fragmentation occurs during sexual abuse or incest, especially when occurring to a small child. Children who become fearful exposed to parents who fight may cause a part of the soul to hide. Death of a loved one may cause fragmentation of the soul until the person is ready to deal with their grief. An automobile accident or even a surgical procedure may cause the soul to fragment. It may occur to soldiers in wartime, surrounded by death of their friends.

The emotional trauma caused can initiate dissociation and splitting of the consciousness as a coping mechanism. The experience of the trauma is stored in a part of the consciousness, the super personality that becomes separated and isolated from the main consciousness. Sometimes these parts will return on their own and sometimes they need assistance finding their way back.

Love for one another: In some cases, a person may give a piece of their soul to another living person, intentionally or unintentionally. This may occur when two people are in love. A mother may give a piece of her soul to her child because she wishes to protect him or her. Even though this is done with love, the desire to share themselves with another, the person unconsciously receiving this must then deal with this energy in addition to his or her own problems. The person who has given a piece of their soul away has now given away some of their power, no longer able to live.

Soul stealing: When one person holds part of another person's soul captive. Again, this can happen intentionally or unintentionally. If you are afraid of losing someone, you may take a piece of him or her with you so you will always have the person near. It may also be a way to dominate another, as with an abusive spouse. When this happens, you take some of their power.

Deceased: A living person may be influenced by a fragmentation of a deceased person during the time of their death, taking on some of the characteristics of the deceased such as weight gain or loss, language changes or mannerisms.

You can often pick up specific clues about soul parts in people's language. "My sense of security was out the window," "she stole my heart," "I lost my innocence." You may feel you "are not all there," "not at home." You may feel ungrounded, disconnected, or dissociated. It can lead to incompleteness, inability to move forward on some issue, lost memories, a feeling you are not in control of your life or that something is missing from life.

After soul retrieval, many people feel great joy, some feel fuller, some feel lighter. There is a greater ability to make decisions in your life, and the ability to move past an issue that previously was blocked. It is the beginning of a new growth or healing process.