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This is a testimonial on the wonderful work of Dr. Dolores Proiette (Dr. D). About 6 months ago, I went to see Dr. D because I was feeling stuck and wanted to break through some internal barriers. I knew my life could be better, but no matter what I did, I could not seem to make improvements. I wanted a more abundant lifestyle and better relationships. I knew that our subconscious minds can keep us locked into old belief systems or thoughts that no longer serve us. So I tried affirmations and other techniques with limited success. I have never tried hypnosis before, but immediately felt comfortable with Dr. D.
We had several sessions, and I was beginning to feel differently. Itís difficult to say exactly how. Life just had a smoother, easier feel to it.
Then things started to change for the better. I met a wonderful person. My life got more focused. Since that time, I have made major changes that have greatly improved my life and simplified my life. I have met the wonderful partner Iíve asked for and am living a more abundant lifestyle. I feel happier and am amazed that these wonderful changes have taken place in my life.

Thank You Dr. D!

-- DMB - Phoenix, Arizona

Thank you for all your help and openness. There has been much to reflect on as well as new considerations in purpose. Your love and guides of pure love have such a profound effect not only with the living planet, but sympathetic vibrations are affecting humanity as a whole. Your work is so needed in these times of changes.
Love and Light

-- Dave S. - New Mexico

I want to thank you so much. I could feel the old beliefs moving out to be replaced with new ones that are a true reflection of my inner self, instead of old patterns instilled by others or past lifetimes. You are an amazing person and Hypnotherapist - a true gift to the world.

-- Mary C. - Phoenix, Arizona

Atma Namaste! Thank you for the wonderful sessions.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first came to you. I had some misgivings that it would even work. Well I was wrong. It worked.

I found tremendous Blessings and peace from our sessions. I was able to release and let go of several deep issues that were causing struggles in my life. I have found in the weeks that have passed that I continue to see things in new light and things that once troubled me are just gone. Thank you so very much for your wonderful work and especially for your loving heart. The kindness you show makes it easier for me to let go and get the most of our sessions. Working with you has been wonderful.

Blessings and Love,

-- Lynne S. - Chandler, Arizona

My profound soul regression assisted me in resolving my past life issues and opened the doorway to greater understanding of my sacred path. My incredible journey inspired me to pursue my life's work and find my greatest joy. Thank you, Dr. D.

-- Sharon Looking Woman - Silver City, New Mexico

First let me say thank you from the center of my soul. After suffering from pain in my hip and shoulder for many years and unable to find the cause through "normal" medical sources, I received several past life regression sessions from Dr. D. I must say I was somewhat skeptical that I could even be hypnotized, but to my surprise I was! The results were miraculous. I am pain free. This experience has changed my life forever. It not only ended my pain but it gave me a greater understanding of my connection to family and friends, plus more direction for my spiritual journey. Blessings and thank you again!

-- Ella N. - Phoenix, Arizona

I believe that the use of hypnotherapy can be a very powerful healing and teaching tool, especially when used by a professional with integrity. I believe that Dr. Dolores Small Proiette is just such a person. I have worked with Dr. Proiette several times to help me clear issues in the sub-conscious and also expand my consciousness. I trust her integrity implicitly. I believe that she uses very precise and professional techniques that clear old wounds and prevent them from continuing the old cycle of pain for her clients.

As an Astrologer, I very often find the need for a client to work on releasing old belief patterns, fear, pain and various other wounds from their past. I do not hesitate to refer my clients to her because of my trust in her ability to find the root cause of their suffering and clear it--- forever!

-- Sara H. - Phoenix, Arizona

Everyone in life suffers for personal issues from time to time. My issues I chose to carry from childhood and suffered many years due to my choice to hang onto negative experiences. Hanging onto these issues for forty years was a bad choice. After working with Dr. D, I have found new and bright horizons. Dr. D has shown me new and inventive ways to work through personal, privet, and business issues. Her ability to make me feel relaxed and comfortable was half my battle to overcome my problems. Thank you Dr. D for providing me with the tools to move forward and face life's challenges!!! You're the best.

-- D. Ates - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I had just come out of a bad relationship and I wanted to know if I had a past life with this person. Hypnosis helped me understand why things had turned out as they did and I was able to realize it was karmic and let it go. Past life regression has helped me answer so many questions in this life.

-- Jean C. - Tucson, Arizona